This table is the first of a number of pages containing entries extracted from the Deaths Index of the General Register Office for England & Wales containing the name BENBROOK or its variants. Civil registration began 1st July 1837, and these pages cover the years 1837 to 1941. Any mistakes identified in the original index have been preserved, and illegible entries are marked with '?'. The extract includes names beginning BAM, BAN, BEM or BEN, and ending in BRICK, BROOK or BROKE, plus minor variants, such as an ending E or S. No search was made outside England & Wales, nor for variants like for Binbrook, Bembridge or Pembroke. I can offer no guarantees that this list is exhaustive, nor that it is accurate, but to the best of my ability I have tried to record everything faithfully. If you find any errors, please email me at: [email protected].

If you discover an ancestor in these pages, you will have sufficient information to send for a copy of the original certificate. To find out how to do this, refer to the Web page for more details.

The Vol. Column

The column marked 'Vol.' in the table indicates the codes for the Registration District (the 'volume' of the register), and these codes were re-assigned in 1852, changing from Roman numerals such as II, XVI, etc to part-numeric, part alphabetic codes like 3c, 4d and so on. Some of the codes occur frequently in this list, showing geographic clustering, and these have been colour-coded. They cover areas such as:

    II & 1c = East End of London, including Stepney, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, St. George in the East, Mile End, Bow, Poplar

    IV & 1d = London, south of the River Thames, including Wandsworth, St. Olave, Lambeth, Bermondsey, St. Saviour

    XV & 3b = Northamptonshire: Leighton Buzzard, Potterspury, Brixworth, Daventry

    XII, XIII & 4a = South East Essex: Witham, Mutford, Chelmsford, Dunmow, West Ham, Epping, Braintree, Romford

    XVI & 6d = The West Midlands: Warwick, Aston, Birmingham, Rugby, Stratford, Coventry, Alcester

    XXII, XXIII & 9b = Yorkshire (West Riding): Ecclesall Bier, Rotherham, Sheffield, Leeds, Dewsbury, Holbeck, Bradford, Hunslet, Bramley

The Notes Column

I've used the Notes column to draw attention to some facts that may be relevant to research. For instance, that there is a distinct chance that one of the deaths also matches an entry in the births index, or that I actually possess the certificate.

    1    I have a copy of the death certificate (and willing to do look ups)

    3    The entry may be a duplicate

    4    Can reasonably match with a birth or marriage (possibly shown as a hyperlink)

    5    Can't find a birth (spelling? no registration? married woman? immigrated?)

YearQtr.ForenamesSurnameAgeReg. Dist/ParishVol.PageNotes
18373ThomasBEMBRICK KingstonIV181 
18381BenjaminPEMBROKE St. Olave'sIV3951
18383GeorgianaBAMBRICK MaryleboneIV200 
18383ElizaBANBROOK WarwickXVI299 
18383RachaelBANBROOK WarwickXVI183 
18383EdwardBEMBRICK TenterdenV275 
18384AlfredBANBROOK WarwickXVI311 
18391SusannaBANBROOK PotterspuryXV239b. 1838, Q1
18392MaryBAMBRICK WithamXII227 
18392ThomasBAMBROOKE BromsgroveXVIII175 
18401HannahBAMBROOK StratfordXVI362 
18401EdwardBANBROOK PotterspuryXV296 
18401JamesBANBROOK StratfordXVI365 
18402ThomasBANBROOK BirminghamXVI220 
18402JaneBEMBRICK KingstonIV140 
18404Mary AnnBANBROOK BirminghamXVI167 
18413MaryBENBROOK SolihullXVI295 
18414PearceBANBRICK MacclesfieldXIX94 
18414JobBANBROOKE WarwickXVI373b. 1841, Q4
18423ThomasBANBROOK WarwickXVI378 
18423WilliamBEMBRICK WandsworthIV354 
18434Theresa MatildaBAMBROOK BirminghamXVI165b. 1843, Q1
18434AnnBANBROOKE WarwickXVI366 
18441HannahBAMBRICK CoventryXVI312b. 1844, Q1
18443AnnBANBROOKE AstonXVI116 
18451JohnBENBRICK BirminghamXVI225 
18454ElizaBAMBROOK BirminghamXVI230 
18461Mary AnnBAMBROOK W.LondonII157 
18462JosephBAMBROOK AstonXVI133b. 1846, Q2
18463Sarah CatherineBANBROOK PotterspuryXV285b. 1842, Q3
18463Sarah AnnBANBROOK BirminghamXVI298b. 1845, Q1
18472ElizabethBAMBRICK CoventryXVI316 
18472SarahBAMBROOK DunmowXII69 
18472ThomasBENBROOKE WarwickXVI418b. 1847, Q2
18474WilliamBANBROOK AstonXVI154b. 1847, Q2
18474JosephBENBROOKE SolihullXVI431 
18483JamesBAMBRICK Newcastle under LymeXVII72 
18483BenjaminBENBROKE ScarboroughXXIV316 
18484EnochBEMBROOK BirminghamXVI160b. 1847, Q3
18491AnnBAMBRICK CirencesterXI215 
18491RobertBAMBRICK DunmowXII70 
18491JamesBAMBRICK DockingXIII50 
18491WilliamBAMBRICK DockingXIII51 
18491EllenBAMBRICK West WardXXV387 
18491Mary AnneBENBROOK BermondseyIV131
18492Edward GeorgeBENBROOK BermondseyIV51
18493'Male'BAMBRICK CoventryXVI264 
18493WilliamBENBROOK RotherhitheIV7231
18494Priscilla MatildaBENBROOK RotherhitheIV3211, b. 1845, Q1
18501JaneBAMBRICK ChelmsfordXII20b. 1850, Q1
18503'Male'BENBROOK RotherhitheIV2751, b. 1850, Q3
18504RhodaBAMBROOK BirminghamXVI240 
18504EmmaBANBROOK W. BromwichXVIII429 
18504WilliamBEMBRICK WandsworthIV429 
18504ElizabethBENBROOK BirminghamXVI233 

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